Suffocate (Morning Star)

by Killatrix

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Exclusive preview track from the upcoming album 'Ransom Notes'


Don’t tell nobody (x8)

verse one

I’m a fast car, floored without a brake,
I’m the bad dream you have before you wake,
I’m a criminal for criminals sake,
I’m the hostages that you manipulate.

I’m the bird song that you imitate,
I’m the bus ride to work that makes you late,
I’m the sugar that the saccharine replaced
I’m the last word hanging like a snake

I’m the twist in the movies final take,
I’m the file in a piece of prison cake,
I’m the Hi-fi chewing up your tape,
I’m the worry in your tummy that you hate.

I’m a bad habit that you cannot shake,
I’m the small voice that you suffocate,
I’m the smile on your face that is fake,
I’m the body at the bottom of the lake.

Don’t tell nobody (x8)


Morning star, wherever you are,
Guide me out from this black unknown.
Morning star, wherever you are,
shine your light on me, take me home.

verse two

I’m an insect caught under a glass
I’m the blurred face in the photograph
I’m white mouse clawing at the bars
I’m the hard ground that covered you in scars

I’m the evidence that’s in hiding in the grass,
I’m the black cat that’s crossing your path,
I’m the street lights blinding all the stars,
I’m the clock hand that’s moving too fast.

I’m the cold blood rushing through your heart,
I’m the bitterness that chokes you when you laugh,
I’m the spider living in your bath,
I’m a monster tripping through the dark

I’m the warm hand taken by the night
I’m a dead star collapsing into light
I’m the name that you give to your fate
Blacker than the bottom of the lake.


released May 19, 2015
Written by Killatrix (Scarlett / Vodden / Frizbee / Fuller / Leslie)


all rights reserved



Killatrix Essex, UK

Like pop, but f**ked up! Essex trio Killatrix are breaking the mould of rock music, pushing the boundaries of pop, metal, hip-hop and dance, to produce a unique hybrid of party-rock-electronica, that you can dance, fight & bang your head to.

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